Authentic healing for your mental health

Authentic Healing with Krista was created because I understand the pain and frustration of going to mental health and medical professionals and still struggling to make lasting progress, despite working hard and following the protocols. The traditional mental health and medical models are intended to help you manage symptoms.

1. mind

2. body

The energy in your organs and body systems determines how you feel physically and operate on a day to day basis.

The AO scan helps to shift the energy and identify where problem areas are. For many problem areas, the scan itself optimizes the energy. Other areas are “chronic problems,” which need an environmental shift. We help get to the root cause of those issues and guide towards eliminating them.

3. Spirit

a unique approach to mental health

My program includes access to the full original AO Scan database, which means that I have completed all the trainings in Solex University and have a good understanding of how to interpret the information provided.

I include an analysis of your health concerns and work to understand the roots of the problems, whether they have an emotional or physical origin. Only a small percentage of people that own AO Scan devices have the ability to access the Homeogenix DNA repair, full dental and TMJ scans.

Furthermore, many simply just run the scans for clients without documenting the important patterns over time and suggesting the needed changes in your environment and behavioral choices.

While I am not doing mental health counseling, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that combines my knowledge of mental health with coaching and client support to ensure best outcomes and helping to identify any blindspots.

I include a Si Bin mineral Water Stick that neutralizes bacteria and breaks down molecules in water to increase absorption.

I include and personally imprint Si Bin Negative Ion Patches with affirmation frequencies to boost my clients’ stamina, concentration, balance and confidence.

I use quality supplements within my package programs such as trace minerals that most people are found to be deficient in, causing digestive and/or absorption problems, resulting in a domino effect of health and mental health issues. 

As you can see, my programs are quite comprehensive with a well-rounded approach to ensure you are consuming clean water, stay hydrated, and are well equipped with needed minerals and vitamins that support communication within the central nervous system.

Along with the above benefits, you’ll be getting customized emotional balance, and energetic optimization for a steal of a deal, considering all these options purchased separately would come at an exponentially higher cost. You are getting the best value, dedicated support and a mentor that is committed to help you succeed.

about krista bigler

Krista is a Mind-Body-Spirit Mentor that works with mental health and chronic illness warriors who are ready for transformation and desire to start living their best lives in order to obtain physical and mental tranquility by rewiring the brain, strengthening the central nervous system and nudging the nervous system back to homeostasis.

It’s time to examine the roots of “dis-ease,” which will strengthen the branches of your health.

Every cell in our body is made up of energy and when we have too much or too little in any area, we may not feel our best.

Krista also works alongside and helps guide those who want to start their own AO Scan business and helps integrate the technology for people who wish to incorporate it into their existing practice.