about krista bigler

Every cell in our body is made up of energy and when we have too much or too little in any area, we may not feel our best.

Emotions have a big impact on our bodies and unlike animals that will literally shake out their stress immediately after it happens, humans tend to suppress and hold on to those emotions, which can then wreak havoc on our wellbeing.

I had some negative childhood experiences that I hid due to fear and shame. I became a people pleaser and perfectionist, who then  developed an eating disorder which perpetuated self-loathing. 

high vibration will create transformation

Krista Bigler’s Story

when the traditional approach failed

I was voluntarily admitted to The Center for Change for eating disorder treatment and then continued in group therapy and individual counseling.

Talk therapy helped develop some coping skills, and self-worth, but misdiagnosis and mismanagement of pharmaceuticals caused actual physical and emotional harm.

When my doctor found out I was struggling, he sent the police to knock on my door and make sure I got to the hospital.

However, I landed in the psych ward where the staff didn’t believe I was having medical issues. They believed it was all due to mental health, and actually gave me more of the lithium that was poisoning my body. I was experiencing seizure-like activity, which was characterized as a panic attack.

This put a lot of stress on my kidneys and I felt demoralized. I didn’t know at the time that I also had the MTHFR gene mutation, which makes it difficult for the body to detox and carry a heavy toxic load.

In order to help me calm down, I was then put on a heavy antipsychotic I never actually needed that was incredibly sedating. It actually caused me to fall asleep and crash on the freeway, but I was spared my life and any injury.

Despite many years of treatment, and even receiving my own training as a mental health professional, I was still not thrilled about the prospect of living because I continued to suffer everyday and night with insomnia, nightmares, suicidal ideation, body image issues, self-harm, and severe depression and anxiety. 

Around 2012, I began to manifest physical symptoms that were also deemed “psychological” by some doctors because they were intermittent and no cause could be identified.

In 2016, at 24 weeks pregnant, I went into respiratory failure due to the flu and ended up in the ICU on a ventilator without being sedated due to the baby. This was pure Hell on earth. Sleep was nearly impossible, my body felt like it was on fire constantly, I could not speak, and my own breathing reflexes fought the machine. 

I fought to save the baby and we nearly made it.

I became terrified of any illness and my PTSD symptoms grew. When Covid-19 hit, I was certain I would die, especially working closely with those at the end of life. 

Eventually, I did become ill and my body took a significant decline. 

Tests didn’t reveal the cause until I begged doctors to “test my blood” almost a year later. Rare clotting antibodies were found that put me at risk for strokes, heart attacks and clots and I also tested positive for another autoimmune disease yet to be identified.

While Western Medicine helped with some symptoms, it intended to manage and I was told to just hope and pray that the worst wouldn’t happen.

That did not help my anxiety and I felt powerless. I wanted to feel and function well! I went in search of alternative treatments and discovered the AO Scan device, which uses a form of biofeedback that could give me information about my body, get to the root of the problems, shift my energy, make suggestions, assist with balancing emotions, and retrain the nervous system.

After doing my own deep dive and reviewing newer research, I realized that only dealing with the mind or even my mood wasn’t going to heal my body or the state of my nervous system, which is why I continued to experience the chaos after all these years of talking or even mindfulness modalities.

Doctors often correlate physical issues with stress, but a prescription or even instructing you to reduce stress, can’t actually teach your body to “rest and digest.”

a new way forward

The AO Scan has an exclusive program called the Inner Voice, which produces custom harmonics based on the imbalances in your voice.

Listening to these audios regularly gave me a significant shift in adaptability in everyday life. As I balanced my emotions, incorporated information, received the optimization from the body scans, and supported myself with the suggested remedies, my autoimmune symptoms and flare ups began to significantly improve as well and I felt like I had a balanced nervous system for the first time in my life.

My mission is also to help others find their “Inner Voice” and empower individuals with the knowledge and resources that will allow them to find freedom from fear and being tied to a system that may not be ideal, lacks addressing root issues, or may not even be available at times.

Many are unaware that quality alternative methods exist and are effective because our professionals were not trained in them, or aware themselves. Those that are now offering alternative practices have stories similar to mine where they were just not getting answers or seeing results until they started thinking outside of the box and considering the mind-body-spirit connection that our society tends to be disconnected from.

This disconnection is often encouraged and even celebrated as we praise achievements without considering the sacrifices or mental or physical health that may have been involved in pushing beyond our limits, trying to please other people and fit into boxes that institutions have deemed to be acceptable.

We’ve strayed from authenticity as we have encouraged conformity and success at any cost. The biggest success we can have in life is to be unapologetically authentic, confident in who we are and embracing self-love.

Making these improvements within myself has shifted me to a higher vibrational state and my authentic self emerged as I felt safe enough to trust my intuition, felt less disconnection, embraced my spirituality, and started practicing effective self-care and speaking up for myself.

Hardships in life are not avoidable, but healing is possible! Fear dispelled as I took my power back into my own hands! Knowledge, access and stability are priceless!  Don’t wait until you nearly die or lose everything to prioritize your health and mental wellbeing. Repressed emotions will manifest eventually.

Peace of mind has no price tag!  Again, my name is Krista Bigler. “Your Oasis is in Homeostasis.”  “Optimal Physical and Mental Health are Real Wealth.”  “High Vibration Will Create Transformation.” “Shame Kills, Love Heals.”