your oasis is homeostasis

While I am not providing professional mental health services, I combine coaching with my background, working knowledge, am trauma-informed and have an abundance of compassion. 

Empathy is my superpower, as I am naturally sensitive and have not only survived my own personal hell, but am now thriving and want the same for others. 

I have completed all three Solex University training as well as studied other materials and have full access to the original $38,000 database, including Homeogenix (DNA weakness repair), full Dental and TMJ. 

I have a good working knowledge of how to interpret scans, identify patterns, and target potential root causes. My unique package programs include quality supplements and other supports that would otherwise need to be purchased separately and would be more costly. 

In addition, for those interested in owning the app for personal or business use, I will mentor you with my expertise, tips, tricks and generous support.

Optimal Physical and Mental Health are Real Wealth.


Rewire your brain


Strengthen your central nervous system


Nudge the mind-body-spirit back to homeostasis

Before penicillin things were bad. Penicillin was really effective against all these infections. However, what we didn’t know in the beginning if we misused it, it would produce resistance strains. So the science of the time had to catch up. 

In much the same way, the Authentic Healing approach uses the best of modern scientific discoveries, holistic healing and empathy to help you solve your mental health issues without relying on prescription drugs or never ending sessions with a psychologist.

about krista bigler

Krista is a Mind-Body-Spirit Mentor that works with mental health and chronic illness warriors who are ready for transformation and desire to start living their best lives in order to obtain physical and mental tranquility by rewiring the brain, strengthening the central nervous system and nudging the nervous system back to homeostasis.

It’s time to examine the roots of “dis-ease,” which will strengthen the branches of your health.

Every cell in our body is made up of energy and when we have too much or too little in any area, we may not feel our best.

Krista also works alongside and helps guide those who want to start their own AO Scan business and helps integrate the technology for people who wish to incorporate it into their existing practice.