improve your mental & physical health

By rewiring your brain and nudging your body back to homeostasis.

every cell in your body is made of energy

If you want to stop water and you put rocks in front of it, water will still leak through. The reason the water leaks through is between the stones there are gaps. As a dam technician, you put soil in as well. So it works well, but when you put all this water against the dams like in Idaho, the earth becomes saturated. It was the answer in the moment but it didn’t last. If you throw them in together they are complimentary and work better. Western Medicine can help, but holistic medicine can compliment and help fill in the gaps.

how it Works


Rewire your brain


Strengthen your central nervous system


Nudge the mind-body-spirit back to homeostasis

Making new neural pathways with biofeedback by listening to different frequencies in each ear, which compels the brain to form different pathways. Bringing together the brain-body-spirit connection by strengthening the central nervous system’s capacity and communication.

Energetic balancing by scanning your entire body, determining which areas are energetically out of balance, and sending the exact frequencies needed to harmonize and restore homeostasis for your well-being.

about krista bigler

Krista is a Mind-Body-Spirit Mentor that works with mental health and chronic illness warriors who are ready for transformation and desire to start living their best lives in order to obtain physical and mental tranquility by rewiring the brain, strengthening the central nervous system and nudging the nervous system back to homeostasis.

It’s time to examine the roots of “dis-ease,” which will strengthen the branches of your health.

Every cell in our body is made up of energy and when we have too much or too little in any area, we may not feel our best.

Krista also works alongside and helps guide those who want to start their own AO Scan business and helps integrate the technology for people who wish to incorporate it into their existing practice.