Ascend your healing practice to new altitudes with this trailblazing wellness technology!

At Authentic Healing with Krista, we provide an unparalleled business opportunity that offers a level of comprehensiveness, competitiveness, and support that is unmatched elsewhere.

Rest assured, we’ll equip you with the best combination of tools and support and you won’t regret taking the leap to join us on this extraordinary journey towards success and fulfillment, whether you are looking to start a business, have an established wellness center, medical practice, provide holistic coaching, or are a mental health professional. You’ll have the option to incorporate the offerings that resonate with you and fit into your desired business goals.  

1. innovation

2. collaboration

Joining my team offers a unique opportunity to benefit from mentoring by experienced individuals, who have successfully completed the free basic and paid phase training in Solex University.

Paid trainings are optional and will open up some additional features. With a solid working knowledge and growing tools, this mentor is dedicated to guiding you in harnessing the full potential of the technology for various aspects of your life, from achieving transformative business success to maintaining optimal health for yourself and clients. 

Additionally, you will gain access to collective healing sessions valued at over $200/month and valuable business building strategies from a warm and nurturing environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and a sense of community.

3. Abundance


Join our team today and embark on a journey toward infinite possibilities for growth in both your personal and professional life, ultimate flexibility and manifest ultimate abundance and a sense of accomplishment by reaching your desired outcomes.  

This ethical, holistic approach empowers individuals to not only achieve unlimited financial heights, but also cultivate a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and the knowledge that you are offering something invaluable to those seeking an affordable, comprehensive approach to improving or maintain health and emotional wellbeing for their family, friends, and even irreplaceable pets that provides more peace of mind than an insurance policy.

The AO Scan app can assist with acute urgent issues, maintain homeostasis, provide priceless educational insights into your health without expensive tests and administer custom suggestions to avoid having to utilizing that traditional insurance policy as much as possible. 

Reassuringly different from traditional Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structures, Solex, LLC operates on a unique “Shared Revenue Company” model that emphasizes fairness and transparency. As a Quantum Living Advocate (QLA), individuals can join this innovative business opportunity with just a $50.00 startup cost, unlocking a world of benefits without the pressure of building a team or stocking inventory.

By rebuking annually, QLAs can enjoy tax write-offs, commissions and the protentional to earn from a generous sharing pool. Additionally, the “Subscription-based Revenue Sharing” aspect offers a reliable and predictable income stream, setting the stage for long-term financial growth and stability.

Embrace a new way of doing business with us, where your success is not tied to MLM tactics but to a supportive and lucrative Shared Revenue Company structure designed to empower you on your entrepreneurial journey.

***If you sign up on your own or without a quality mentor willing to support you, you’ll need to contact customer service with all questions, you won’t reap the benefits of team collaboration or the option for additional, collaborative healing advantages. Please schedule a business consult below to receive an introductory scan and custom strategy session on how to start or integrate the AO Scan technology into your business. 

about krista bigler

Krista is a Mind-Body-Spirit Mentor that works with mental health and chronic illness warriors who are ready for transformation and desire to start living their best lives in order to obtain physical and mental tranquility by rewiring the brain, strengthening the central nervous system and nudging the nervous system back to homeostasis.

It’s time to examine the roots of “dis-ease,” which will strengthen the branches of your health.

Every cell in our body is made up of energy and when we have too much or too little in any area, we may not feel our best.

Krista also works alongside and helps guide those who want to start their own AO Scan business and helps integrate the technology for people who wish to incorporate it into their existing practice.